Gun Control and Storage

By Kevin Hernandez

How can we be more responsible with gun storage?

Let's think for a moment, lets think about the safety of others and children. We must be Responsible with our guns to prevent Tragedies and Create solutions for Gun Storage such as, a case, storage center, or make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Gun control is how we use guns and interact with those objects, People who aren't healthy or mentally ill tend to use gun improperly and most likely create incidents. It it Our job to care for those people and be more productive into creating solutions to prevent dangerous shootings.

Yes I agree but, how does the mentally ill have to do with Guns?

The Mentally ill, plus a gun and Emotions? That can cause some deaths he/she if they possess a gun. Why? They can get easily emotional and think they can resolve with a weapon which is probably not the smartest idea. There are Laws meant for The Mentally ill. For example, "Under Law 18 U.S.C (couldn't find the name) it is unlawful for any person to sell or dispose for anyone committed to any mental institution..." This Quote explains how the mentally ill is dangerous with guns and can cause major damages in the commmunity
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