Ballad of Birmingham

By: Ethan Brown

The Civil rights movement

The civil rights movement was a time where white people were treated differently than colored people and it caused major problems

5 Key Words

One word is Freedom, another word is March along with Dogs, Feirce, and Sacred. These all relate to the civil rights movement.

2 Lines

One line is For the dogs are feirce and wild, another line is For I fear those guns will fire. This creates the mood that the white people disliked the colored people greatly and treated them horrably and will hurt them. This is a sad mood because people should be equal no matter what their color is.

Poetic devices

One Poetic device is repitition because the line goes

"No baby, no, you may not go,

It reapeats that line twice. This adds tone because the mother does not want her child getting hurt by the colored people.

Relations to each other

My image, key words and phrases all relate to each other because they all show that the white people and some colored people will hurt other people and how the colored people were treated terribly and the white and colored people were not treated equal.