Friendship Photoshoot

Year 9 Photography | MGHS

Practical & Design Skills Task

This task is all about using the design process (investigate, plan, produce & evaluate) to create a series of FIVE high-quality images that communicate 'friendship'.

Before we get started...

We need to talk about the 'Design Process'. It is the process that we use to create images that meet a desired goal/aim - this is called the 'brief'. You will use this process every time you create a series of images in Photography. You can review the presentation (shared in class) by using the link below.


The first step in the process is to investigate and develop some ideas for your photoshoot. It can be helpful to begin by brainstorming - write down everything you think of when you consider the idea of 'friendship'.

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You can add words, phrases, sketches, photos or even song lyrics...anything that helps you to identify aspects of friendship that might interest you. You can use Photoshop to create your brainstorming page - I will spend some time in class showing you how.

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Use a Google Image search to help you find some ideas/inspiration for your photo shoot. This can be especially helpful when it comes time plan your shoot.

However, don't spend TOO long on this stage of the process! Looking at images can be quite distracting if you aren't careful. Limit yourself to 20-30 mins of web surfing.

Below is a link to some examples I have found on Flickr. The link may not work here at school, but should at home.


One of the most important parts of the design process is PLANNING - You can NOT begin the producing stage of this task until you have submitted your planning. You can use the template provided, or simply present your planning in whatever format you'd like.

Remember to consider:

  • The overall idea/message/concept that you would like to represent with photographs.
  • Who you'll photograph (the subject/s)
  • What they will wear
  • The location/s that you'll shoot in - how will this help you to achieve your concept? What things will you need to be careful of? Transport? Timing - when will the photo shoot occur?
  • Props - will you need to organise other items e.g. picnic rug, skateboard, flowers, lollies etc.
  • Equipment - what will you use to capture the photos e.g. GoPro, School cameras, iPhone etc. What things will you need to be careful about or learn before you can achieve your photos?
  • Permission - if you are using students from other classes you will need to organise permission at least 2-3 days in advance. You'll need a letter signed by me and by the teacher/s at least 2 days before the photo shoot.
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Once you have produced your images the final phase of the design process requires you to think about what you have created and evaluate your successes and areas for improvement. The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • What did you set out to show in your images? Did your images achieve this?
  • How well did you investigate and plan your photo shoot? Is there anything you could have done differently?
  • What aspects did you find the most difficult?
  • What aspects did you find very easy?
  • Do you think that when people see your images they will understand the topic/theme (friendship)? Why/Why not?
  • Is there any thing about these photos that you would like me to know that hasn't already been mentioned?

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What to hand up

You will need to submit all of the following using DayMap and the Google form;

  1. Brainstorming page - created in Photoshop (upload to DayMap as a jpeg file)
  2. Planning page - including all of the details above
  3. FIVE (5) Photos that communicate something about 'Friendship' - 5x jpeg files
  4. Evaluation - 200-400 words about how well you think your images met your brief etc. (see above) (Upload a Word doc for this one using DayMap)

DUE DATE: You will have four weeks to complete this task.