Emperor penguins

Alexandra Rodriguez

What are Emperor Penguins?

Emperor Penguins are the largest between 17 species. Emperor Penguins breed in the winter, not like other birds that breed on Spring/Summer. The mother of the Penguins chew their food and give it to their baby's because the baby Penguin won't be able to chew the fish. They carry their baby with their feet, so they won't fall. They are really big when they grow up. Yes, adults help the baby penguins so they would learn how to communicate, and catch food. Their feathers keep them really warm, so when the baby penguins are born, they keep warm with their parents.

How do their skeleton look like?

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When you watch this 6 min clip, you will become an expert with these facts of Emperor Penguins because this video is all about them! Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica. They are Carnivores, which means that they love to eat meat. When momma penguin comes back when they are separated, mom brings a lot of food for their baby and dad.

Emperor Penguins Facts with the Anipal Info Puppets