Somalia: The country of goats

By Hayden Donofrio and Adam Epler


Somalia, otherwise known as the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a country located in eastern Africa, off the coast of the Indian Ocean. However, the government has very low control of the people, so the country has been known as an anarchy for almost 20 years. The population of Somalia is approximately 11 million.


Imports and Exports

The largest exports of Somalia include goat,sheep,cattle, and seeds for farming. The largest imports include vegetables,foodstuffs,and animal products.

Somalian Shillings

A Somalia shilling is worth roughly 0.0017 US dollars. Talk about chump change!
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Livestock trade in Somalia is booming
Somalia is still, in many ways, a third world country. more than ninety five percent of its trade is livestock and seeds. The pirating industry maintains a heavy hold on the economy and they regulate fishing and waste dumping on the coast of the country. Due to Somalia's weak hold on the government, they can not develop complex technologies and engines that may benefit Somalian trade and my be able to make it into a second world country.

Pros and Cons

Two pros of trading with the Somalians are cheap prices, and the country's ideal location. Two cons are the limited supply of the country's resources, and the country's non ideal political system. Middle eastern countries can benefit from trade because of their location. It costs money to trade, and Somalia is fairly close and right off of a major ocean. Many ships pass through the strait, so Somalia is an ideal hub for trade.


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