November Notes

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eCard Distribution

CIA students will be receiving their public library cards this week, CMS the week after Thanksgiving. I have several resources to help them check out eBooks, including a screencast I created. It will be easier than ever for our students to access books, even on their chromebooks. However, the number of copies of titles is still limited by the number of licenses the public library has purchased. (and we are sharing with thousands of other students and districts) I can help you look for titles for which there are many copies as well as explore the collection in general. While I will be sharing the "Kids" portal with CIA, I do plan to link to the "Teen" portal for our 8th grade.

Students who already had a library card maintain the same number (and I will be able to remind them what that number is). Students who are receiving cards for the first time may upgrade to a card that allows them to check out print materials, physical DVD's, etc by having a parent take them to a library branch. I am going to suggest to ALL students that the first thing they should do is email the number to themselves so that they will not lose it.

One of the many, many advantages of a teacher having a public library card: you can project eBooks to create a shared experience. The next major stage I will work with students on will be the many databases now available. I am going to request some time at upcoming faculty meetings to share the highlights, but if you would like to learn more about this now, please let me know. I can also come to individual classes to highlight specific sources that coincide with your current course of study.

Author Visit Next Semester: Edward Kelsey Moore

I received a grant through the Indiana Humanities Council to have Indianapolis native Edward Kelsey Moore visit us next semester (date to be determined). I had read his book The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it. We are the only middle school selected for the program. In addition to his writing success, he is an accomplished cellist.

You can read more about Mr. Moore here. He will visit us in the afternoon for sessions with students, and then have an evening presentation open to the community. He has suggested that we provide our students with some of his short stories so that they have common ground for discussion. His book is a little more adult, but I will purchase copies for the library for staff who would like to read it.

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A friend just created this nice guide to screencasting for her staff. Screencasts lend themselves so well to blended learning; students who need reinforcement can watch explanations on screen, even over and over again. They can also create screencasts on their chromebooks using the screencastify extension.

Projector Added to SI COM Lab

Jina has purchased a projector for the SI COM lab. I know that some teachers have been a bit hesitant in the past to use that lab, partly because there was no way to show examples to all students. There are 29 dual screen iMacs in this lab; you can use the google calendars to sign up for any of the labs, or just email me. There are many cases where having the two screens works well for students creating certain types of projects.
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Library Circulation for the 2016-17 Year So Far

I thought you might be interested in the types of books our students check out the most. Last year at this time, we had circulated 8,226 books; this year it is 6.945.
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Creston Middle School/Intermediate Academy MediaPlex

Slight schedule adjustment for Thanksgiving Week: Monday & Tuesday, the 21st & 22nd, will be "open checkout". You may send down individuals, or sign up to bring your entire class for checkout.