Newsletter Week 9 Term 1

Lauriston School 5th April 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou ma whanau,

As I write this week's panui from home, self isolating alongside 13 other families in our school, I can't help but look back and take stock of the past two years which began with our first nationwide lockdown on March 23, 2020.

It has been an exhaustive journey for us all. I know we all long for a return to normal, 'the good old days' post COVID-19 and I really do hope that this is possible soon!

In the meantime I am sharing the following information to help support whanau-families at this time:

Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on how we interact with others, go about our lives, our work, study and many other aspects of our lives. We know that a combination of stress and uncertainty can have significant and wide-reaching impacts on the mental wellbeing of people in New Zealand.

We want people to know it is normal to not feel all right all the time – it’s understandable to feel sad, distressed, worried, confused, anxious or angry during this crisis. Everyone reacts differently to difficult events, and some may find this time more challenging than others. The ways people think, feel and behave are likely to change over time – we all have good days and bad days.

During this time, you may be looking for new or additional ways to help you feel mentally well and get through. Here you can find information on tools to support your own and others’ mental wellbeing and where to get help if you need it.

For more information to support your Well Being and Mental health please click here.

I have published another update on COVID-19 at Lauriston today, but I did want to signal the important consultation panui (notices) coming out over the remainder of this week for you and your family to keep your eye out for and to provide us with feedback on please.

These being:

1. Wednesday 6 April-LSS survey results

2. Thursday 7 April- An Update on the school's Vision Map for 2022, complete with video & survey for those whanau who have yet to connect with or have their say around this flourishing kaupapa (work, cause, pathway, journey)

3. Friday 8 April- A Lauriston School BOT panui and survey to help update you on it's thinking around the MOE proposed Enrolment Zone and a further opportunity for whanau to provide both the BOT and the MOE with their feedback on the Proposed Zone

Ka kite ano

Colin Brodie


Aotearoa e te toa! COVID-19 and your mental health and wellbeing

Bring on the Presents

Our best wishes go out to Shevonne Marova who will turn 9 on Thursday - we wish you a very happy day Shevonne!!

Foodwrap Fundraiser

We still have the following available if anyone needs some:

Catering Foil 440 x 150mtrs - 2, $36.00

Catering Foil 300 x 150mtrs - 2, $22.00

Catering Film 330 x 600mtrs - 3, $35.00

Catering Film 330 x 300mtrs - 1, $23.00

Upcoming Events

  • Wheels Day - Friday 1st April
  • End of Term 1 for Students - Wednesday 13th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Thursday 14th April
  • Beginning of Term 2 - Monday 2nd May

Mt Alford Happenings

We’ve had another busy and fun week in Mt Alford, lots of reading and writing as well exploration of stories and new sounds. We read the story Fantail, Fantail which we all enjoyed and even took a copy home to read with our families. With Mrs Adams we read Room on the Broom. We wrote about the witch on the broom and we even made our very own broomsticks. Don’t they look cool on our classroom wall.

Certificate Recipients

Brody Horne for showing great kindness to everyone in Mt Alford.

Ayan Narang for great work using the eggs to add numbers together.

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Mt Harper Happenings

Today the children from Mt Harper have each brought one of their soft toys to school. We are using our toys as a learning focus for the week. We will be measuring different parts of their bodies, comparing sizes and features, writing stories about them and using them as inspiration for some art work. We had a picnic on the field with our toys, listened to some music and had a bit of a boogy. Our toys will be having a sleepover in the classroom and we are looking forward to checking the security footage in the morning to see if they got up to any mischief.

Penelope Pierce was awarded this week's class certificate for showing leadership within the classroom and respect towards others through her kind and caring actions. Well done Penelope!!

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Mt Hutt Happenings

t has been a busy week in Mt Hutt! We have published our superhero writing, made our own natural weed killer and have been exploring more about all things plants and what they need to grow.

Our mathematics focus has also been on measurement and we have investigated a range of standard and non-standard units of measure. We are growing grass seed in class and have to measure how tall it grows each day. We know the more we nurture it the greater it will grow!

Congratulations to Millie and James who received our class certificates this week for all the hard work and effort they apply to their learning.

Another congratulations goes to Sadie who received this weeks writer of the week award.

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Mt Winterslow (Opihako)Happenings

Mt Winterslow Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following student’s: Miriam Menefy for displaying Enthusiasm & Creativity in ANZAC Art. James McNally for contributing to class discussion by sharing knowledge and/or personal experience about ANZAC. Ka Mau te Wehi! Awesome! Fantastic!


Mt Winterslow logged into our Seesaw accounts last week, this was a great opportunity to resolve any log in issues or navigate, or explore various functions to help students complete activities. Great to see students complete activities at home whether you are insolation or not. Students are encouraged to log in regularly as new activities are posted weekly. Keep it up!

Wheels Day

A reminder that Mt Winterslow students are to complete their Wheels Project: Making a Car out of recycled materials. Students planned out their design at school, and posted these on Seesaw. Next step, was to collect materials and work on building their car as a family project. Once completed, upload a photo of your finished project to the Seesaw activity called ‘The Most Magnificent Thing - Read Aloud and Build and Create’. Bring your completed Car to school so we can display them on Wheels Day, Friday 8th April.

Libby Chambers (Reliever) Update

I have had a great time in Mt Winterslow. The students have been really into learning about the

ANZACs and lots of our reading, writing and spelling has been based around this. We have painted some beautiful pictures of poppy fields. We can’t wait to display them. In maths, we learnt a different dice game each day, involving addition and practising making tidy numbers, rounding up to help with adding lots of high numbers. There was some strategy needed for these also and the students were right into it. I have introduced a multiplication dice game to work on long addition to help those that have trouble keeping a running total in their heads. We managed to get outside on fine days and did some skipping and also had a first lesson on how to play four square. Students really enjoyed this and were keen to develop their skills more. I've read a short chapter book, Paul Jennings the Gizmo, and we've had some good Anzac stories.

Wow! I know Mt Winterslow students have definitely enjoyed having you as their teacher and

participating in all of the amazing activities in my absence.

Thank you so much Mrs Chambers.

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Mt Somers

Yesterday most of us finished our sunflower art that we have been working on lately and the ones that didn’t finish are almost done. We used paint, pencil and some of us used masking tape for stripes on the background or table cloth. Some of us didn’t want to have a tablecloth so they did their own effects. We all made our own unique pictures and learnt from others.

Ava has been teaching us a new fun game called acorns. She made it up herself. This is how you play it: there are four characters, the first ones are the two squirrels. Their job is to tag as many acorns as they can; then there’s the owl, and the owl has to keep itself a secret from the squirrels because the owl frees the acorns once they have been tagged by the squirrels. Then there's the fox. The fox is a predator to all of the other characters and his goal is to tag the squirrels, and the squirrels and owl have to keep themselves secret from the fox because once the fox has tagged the squirrels and the owl then the game is over and the fox wins.

We have also been doing Mental Maths where you get a sheet that is split up into 5 even spaces and there were different maths tasks for example how tall are you or how many days in a year or a fortnight and there were maths questions as well.

On Thursday last week Poppy and Livi organised multiple types of relays like we did straight relays and hurdle relays - which were really fun. There were also tennis ball relays where you grab a tennis ball and run to the end and put it on a cone without it falling over then run back and the next person has to grab the tennis ball and bring it back for the next people to repeat the same thing. Once everyone has done it you sit down and the first team to sit down wins. Finally the last one was square relays. The fastest time in the square relays was 9 seconds.

Hopefully this Friday we can have our Wheels day that the Student Council have been working very hard to put together. So let's hope for the best!

Written by Sasami & Willow

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