The Connection Week 8 Term 2

Huapai District School 23rd June 2022


A teacher: Our role-models and second parents.

As I sat drinking my coffee the other morning, I tried to work out how many teachers I have had in my lifetime and who they were. Between the ages of 5 and 17, I worked out that I have had around 40. Those teachers I could not remember were obviously ones who just taught to pay the bills, however, the ones I did have memories of were those who had significant roles in helping shape my life and the lives of others under their care.

When I thought about the amount of time spent with these teachers, there was no doubt that some had become ‘second parents’ to many - teaching right from wrong, supporting with guidance, being responsive to needs, and imprinting all that was taught.

For the last 10 years, I have been grateful for adding a parental aspect to my teacher lens when it comes to seeing how the needs of my children are met when they are at school. I am proud to see that teachers really know our children and they carry the conviction that they can make a difference through connection, relationship and experiences - the very same things I try to do as a parent.

Of all the teachers your child has throughout their schooling, it gives me hope to know there will be significant people at HDS who touch their hearts and help shape their lives, in their role not only as a teacher, but also a second parent.

Keryn Annan

Deputy Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 24th June - Matariki
  • Thursday 7th July - School Disco
  • Friday 8th July - Last Day Of Term 2
  • Monday 25th July - First Day Of Term 3

Matariki - School Closed

Friday 24th June - Tomorrow

Parents are reminded that this day has been designated as a national holiday.

School will not be open.

Student Of The Week

Zorro (Year 1) says: "I love my school. The best thing about Huapai is doing jumps on the bike track. I love playing on the playground with the big kids. They are kind to me. I like learning my alphabet work at school. I want to say to people that when they leave daycare they should come here because the teachers are nice!"

School Board Parent Election 2022

Nomination round

Schools across New Zealand will be holding their Board elections shortly. This is a great way to serve the community and support the school. Please consider putting your name forward for this election. A Board has 5 elected community representatives and is for a three year term. This process will start with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community by Friday 15th July 2022.

We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database.

Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates.

Nominations close on Wednesday 3rd August at 12noon.

Election day is Wednesday 7th September.

Emergency Lockdown

We recently undertook some training with our emergency lockdown procedures. Soon we we will repeat this with an exercise with our children. Emergency Lockdown is a key strategy we have to ensure we can secure our site and keep our children safe.

We will use the SchoolApps app and also our school web site to communicate incidents like this. Our next practice will involve testing our communication with parents. An alert will be shared with parents prior that a practice is occurring.

If you do not have the School Apps app downloaded to your phone, please follow the instructions below on how to do this.

Download School Apps

To receive school alerts, register your child as absent, to book Huapai Plus before and after school care, to see our newsletters or to order uniform please use our School Apps app.

Here is how you are able to download and install the App on your phone:

Step 1: Download the app

-The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

-Please visit your app store to download SchoolAppsNZ

-Select our school - Huapai District School.

Step 2: Opt in to Alert Subscriptions

In order to receive any communication you need to subscribe to an alert group. To do this, tap on the menu icon (3 lines in the top left corner) - Alert Subscriptions.

Please select:

  • General/Important (must select)
  • Classrooms - select your child/rens classroom (must select)
  • Year Level (must select)

MUD RUN - Tough Guy And Gal Challenge

We have the opportunity to claim this event as OURS! We want to lock our school in as the ONLY school in the area who does this. But to make it happen, we need YOU.

Can you give the school a morning out of your year please?
The mud run is a local event that we provide marshals for. Your role would be to stand and point the way for competitors. The return for the school is huge, but ONLY if we can get enough people. Please shoulder tap your neighbour, your partner, their work mates (perhaps they run a “give to the community” session??) and use this link to register your availability.

*Please note that there is now another day added.

Thank you to the families above who have offered to marshal already.

Rooms 2 & 3 celebrated earning free hot chips having 4 adults register.

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Big picture

NZ Book Awards And HELL Reading Challenge

The HELL Reading Challenge is a well-established programme that has been hugely successful in getting tamariki reading and enjoying the pleasures of stories — with the bonus of free pizza rewards! Year 3-6 students are loving this opportunity, and if any older or younger students want to take part, they can see Mrs Annan or Cathy to register their pizza wheel.

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Leadership Booklets

We are passionate about growing great leaders here at Huapai. Please use the links below to access the electronic version of your child’s leadership award booklet.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Senior Booklet 1 - Emotional (Years 5 - 8)

Senior Booklet 2 - Physical (Years 5 - 8)

Senior Booklet 3 - Social (Years 5 - 8)

Senior Booklet 4 - Spirit (Years 5 - 8)

Math-a-thon Is Coming!

This year’s “athon” will be a maths-a-thon. It will involve children learning basic facts at their level and being tested on them week 4 of next term. We will send a booklet home with your child next week. A great way to strengthen timetables, addition and subtraction practice as well as fractions and other mathematical concepts.

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Websites Of The Week

This week we have two websites we recommend.

1. Parenting Place

This is a great website with loads of free resources about parenting issues for different age groups. Topics include - bullying, anxiety, budgeting, talking about the news, lunchtime playing, is your child ready for a phone?

2. Merriam-Webster

This website offers games and quizzes for your child to help solidify their understanding of spelling and grammar.

Disco Time!

Thursday 7th July

If you are able to help us on the night, please use the link below to register.

Year 5 & 6 NorthWest Football

Congratulations to our 3 teams who competed in the NW Year 5 & 6 football zone day this week. Awesome effort by everyone. Thank you to the adults involved who made this day possible.

Basketball Registrations

Is your child keen to play basketball in a weekly team? Games start next term and are played up at YMCA Westgate. Please use the linked form below to find out which day your child would play and to register your child. Entries close next Friday.

Couldn't Make It To The Scholastic Book Fair?

Order online by using the Scholastic Book Club LOOP app.

Huapai Plus School Holiday Programme

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Big picture

Aroha Skate School - Holiday Programme

Skate Lessons After School and Holiday Programme

Register at the link below.

Creative Matters - Term 3

*Please note the change of the 'In-person' session being on Mondays after school next erm instead of Wednesdays.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Music Lessons With MusiqHub

MusiqHub are looking forward to another awesome year of music in 2022 at Huapai School! They will have some slots available for Guitar, Drums, Piano and Ukulele lessons in Term 2. If you're interested, be sure to get in touch to reserve your spot or ask any questions you may have. Contact details below:

Drums -

Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele -

2022 Term Dates

Our 2022 Term dates are:

Term 1 - Thursday 3rd February - Thursday 14th April

Term 2 - Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July

Term 3 - Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September

Term 4 - Monday 17th October - Friday 16th December

HERO Notifications

We use HERO to send classroom updates, to share regular learning posts and now for payment on all in-school costs. HERO sends push notifications or emails. You can now choose how you receive HERO notifications as well as manage devices that receive them.

To set your own notification preferences:

  1. Click on your profile image

  2. Select EDIT PROFILE

  3. Scroll down to My Devices and select your preferences.

Or please see the full instructions linked below.