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American Association of School Librarians ~ National School Library Standards

I. Inquire: Build new knowledge by inquiring, thinking critically, identifying problems, and developing strategies for solving problems. (AASL, 2018).

Performance Indicators

a. Think: I can use an inquiry-based process to display critical thinking skills when learning about something I am personally interested in or specific curricular topic; or when trying to solve an authentic problem within, or outside of my learning community.

b. Create: I can engage with new knowledge I have gained by following an inquiry-based process that includes using authoritative evidence to investigate my questions, filling any knowledge gaps I may have, and generating products which illustrate my learning.

c. Share: I can adapt, communicate, and exchange my learning product with others in a cycle that includes interacting with content designed and presented by others, providing constructive feedback, and sharing products with an authentic audience.

d. Grow: I can participate in an ongoing inquiry-based process by continually seeking new knowledge, engaging in sustained inquiry, enacting new understanding through real-world connections, and reflecting upon my learning to guide me through any informed decisions I make.
(AASL 2018).


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