Water Pollution

The world's number one health issue.

What is it and what can we do about it?

Water pollution is where water gets filled up with so much trash that it becomes unhealthy for people and wildlife to be around. If people and animals drink this water, it could really hurt them. Cleaning the areas around lakes or bodies of water will cause them to be clean because when it rains, this trash is swept into the body of water. Picking up trash around large bodies of water can help save it!
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Why it is bad.

Most people think that trash swept into the ocean and lakes just disperse. This is not true. The trash eventually clumps together into "Gyres". These "Gyres" are where the currents meet, carrying trash along with them. Sea life that gets trapped in these "Gyres" can be suffocated by all of the trash.

Help save your oceans today!