Acquired And Inherited Traits

By. Morgan Calloway

Inherited Traits

Something you got from you parents when you were born. You don't get a choice of what you get like for example eye or hair color.

Acquired Traits

Something you learned on your on. Something somebody taught you like for example learning to play a sport.

My Inherlted Traits Are


Me my mom, dad, brother, grandma, and grandpa on my moms side have attached. I think that's cool because that is a recessive trait.


My left thumb always goes over my right thumb. My dad and grandma on my moms side do left too. My mom and brother do the right one.

Outturrened Feet

I have outturned feet. Both of mine feet are outturned. Only one of my dads feet are outturned.

My Acqulred Traits Are


This is something I learned how to do after years of practice. I started dancing when I started school.


I took swim lessons as long as they let me, so now I can swim really good.

Read Milatery Time

My moms a nurse so she has to know that kind of time because, that's what they use. My dad doesn't have to know that for work but, everybody likes to do it that way better. I learned that kind of time before I learned standard time. My brother learned it first to but, he's not really good at it.