This Week in 2C

Establishing Routines, Personal Narrative, Realistic Fiction

Week Two--Here we Come

What a fun first week we had in 2C! I simply love this class' enthusiasm, curiosity, and overall zest for knowledge. They might have told you that I am, "crazy about kindness." That said, I am so proud of just how much kindness they have shown each other this week. We are working on transitioning from activity to activity to maximize our learning time. This week, we will be reviewing many math skills and learning how to play math games and work effectively in small groups and partnerships. In language arts we are studying a realistic fiction selection on which students will be tested in vocabulary and comprehension. We'll also have our spelling test on Friday. Students are loving Writers' Workshop. This week, we'll focus on authors, solid beginnings, and showing...not just telling. We well also identify nouns in throughout the curriculum. In science, we'll begin studying plants. Students will design an experiment with dependent and independent variables and talk about the scientific method. Whew.....that's a lot for week 2. Even so we will all enjoy a mini dance party or two.

Adventure Day is every A day.

Plants Wanted

This adventure day, we will be guiding the students as they design their own experiment based on what plants need to grow. If you have extra potted plants around the house and would like to let us borrow them, we'd love to observe them!