These bruises- make for better conversation

I wish I could take credit for the catchy title of this newsletter- Many of you have probably heard the song "Bruises". Its a really catchy pop song that says exactly that, "these bruises- make for better conversation". Well, this was a month of bruises, and we kind of, sort of in a sweet & Sour kind of way- want to talk to you about them!

So many of you are on our social media pages, sharing each step of our journey with us. Many of you have heard from our supporting churches or family members about what we faced a few weeks ago. It was my second week at my placement and Colby was participating in a specialized training with over a dozen of his coworkers. Im so sorry about being vague about these initial details- we unfortunately can't share every detail. Part of this training took place on the road with each member of the training on a given motorbike. The details of what happened next are still a bit unclear to us but as far as we know this is what took place...

Colby was driving in a group on a very busy road, which happened to be under construction and heavy rain was en route. Colby has a hard time remembering the next few critical minutes but eye witnesses have told us that Colby fell into oncoming traffic and quite literally, was hit by a truck. Friends, family, I will continue with the story- but I need to pause and say that it is MIRACULOUS that he wasn't alone when this happened. The stories of the handling of foreigners in wrecks...alone...are rarely good. Colby was unconscious on the road, and thanks to team members, he was immediately cared for with necessary attention. Its another MIRACLE that there were Thai staff present who knew the number to call for the life support ambulance, at this time it was all to unknown what the next hours would look like. The average response rate for an ambulance in Thailand is 25+ minutes, it was told to me that this ambulance was there in less than 5.

Colby woke up upon being placed on the stretcher. Miracle number- million and 5- one of my best thai friends was at this training with colby and road with him in the ambulance. It all happened to fast, it was a process so unfamiliar to foreigners and there they were faced with what could have, should have been, was a life threatening situation. Once colby was in the ambulance, I received the phone call from a friend of mine. MIRACULOUS, I was on the same road, done with work driving to an appointment. So many people have asked, did you scream/faint/cry and heres what I can say looking back...many of you know How scripture says we will soar on eagles wings, I've heard it, learned it, knew it but in that moment in the most vivid way I can just sense how God soared beneath me and took control leading me through each step.

We got to the hospital. MIRACULOUS that just 2 years ago a hospital was built in the city with American standards of medical care. The facility is so sterile and the speciality is emergency and trauma. At that point they were trying to get Colby into X-rays in the midst of wounds, and excruciating pain. Meanwhile it hit me like it never did before- its just us- for the first time in marriage and being abroad- it was the two of us. I just remembering pacing outside that hospital- OK jesus, what the heck is the name of our insurance company, Ok jesus, do we fly home, do we stay, Ok jesus, everyone at home is sleeping and its 24 solid hours if anyone were to fly here, ok Jesus- when i see my husband their may be blood and I need you to help me...not faint.

About a half hour later, a half hour too long, I was able to see colby- he was alert- he was talking, his eyes were more handsome than ever and nothing in the world matter in that moment besides the fact that he had life. The procedures went on, the team of doctors and nurses scurried around him and I couldn't be there. I will never forget what happened next- I went out to the waiting room and there they were, about 20 people with more on the way For colby, for me, for us! Thai, foreign- worried, waiting. Helping, holding. Comforting, smiling. I knew that we were loved- I knew that we were cared for- but we didn't ask a single one of them to be there and they came.

We were placed in a room and yet another MIRACLE, our American doctor friend/consultant met us at the hospital. I can do a lot of things, but talk medical jumbo- I'm not seasoned yet. This doctor and his wife sat in that room for us, overlooked each report and advocated for us in ways that we could have never done! He assured that colby received the best care, fought for change, demanded answers and prayed and waited with us.

In those hours we waited and waited and waited. In those hours our room flooded, and flooded and flooded with people who LOVE colby and supported me/us through a daunting situation. Its funny people have asked us, wasn't it hard to have so many people around. Im not sure if I can even explain this the way my heart wants to cry out- but each person that came, each tear shared, each HUG strengthened us, and was the most physical reminder to us that we are not alone. Thai, foreigners, Messiah athletic students on their missions trip! Our host families from years ago, co-workers, professionals, pastors, friends, neighbor's the list goes on. In the waiting we were humbled, we were supported and loved.

News came back after everything was cleaned and tested. Its so hard to know to this day what the EXACT diagnosis is- but with a fractured tailbone, muscle damage and multiple open wounds- thats what we left with. Upon getting the initial phone call, I was told that colby would be a "bag of bones", My God carried Colby, My God held Him, protected him. My abba, father, trustworthy God kept him. We waited for the neurologist- and long story short those reports were clear! The way that he reported the news to us in his broken english was "its a miracle".

When the lights dimmed, the nurses came further apart, and we lay there- the two of us in the hospital. It sunk in- Wow, I could have, and in all reality of the events, should have lost him.

I could write about each emotion for days- however we were released 24 hours later. With only the ailments I described before. To bring some light and laughter- we were told that Colby bandages would need to be changed once or twice a day. For those of you who know us we could see the vomit games beginning! And just like so- we had the pail next to us and took turns dry heaving and changing each, aljifnaljrgna bandage! But we did it, and without any infections- and for that we are MIGHTY thankful! One step closer to all the ailments we hear comes with having children! day!

We were both given such grace and were allowed a week off to recover and well- process! Nights were long and days were hard and...emotions hit! It wasn't as if God 'put me back down' per se. But rather, I let go of the peace I clung onto and started to question. 'ok Jesus, its been hard enough, why did this happen. Ok Jesus, were making good strides out of our slump, why did we get knocked down, ok Jesus, were newly married- we want our families around, why did this happen here." (Don't worry- I now know the answers to these questions and recognize the strengthening and growth that happened)

Finally, Ok Jesus, this is my last straw- I want to go home. I sat in my little pity party for days, sometimes with a good cup of coffee, I threw myself a wonderful pity party filled with resentment, confusion, hurt and wonder. I sat in this party of my for the past few weeks.

I have been learning a lot about metals specifically in the symbolic sense. Tin, is a metal that spends the least amount of time in the fire being refined, lowest heat, shortest amount of time, lowest value. Silver, is the next level, higher heat, longer time, higher value. But then there is God, it spends the longest amount of time in the fire, held in the hands of the one making it- the entire time! All for the purpose of coming out as valuable and priceless as possible! Gold isn't pure or valuable unless it goes through this refining process.

Finally one morning I woke up and God got ahold of my attention drawing me closer to time with Him. In the clearest voice, the way we were told to come to Thailand, get married, come back to Thailand time and time again He told me "Kayty, right now, I need you to sit in the fire." That was it- that was the end.

I won't lie to you and tell you that we have had a joyous recovery, I won't lead you to believe that we are rock solid and prim and proper processors (did you like that, hehe) but what I will say is that despite our resistance. We know that we are where we are supposed to be right here. Right now.

Colby is back at work and encourages me each day. He practices the most incredible balance of self-care and servanthood! With the most incredible blend of strength and gentleness. We go through each week still processing, still hitting our bruises, still working through what happened and the emotions it triggered.

One day for selfish reasons, I asked Colby- Do you think you'd want to leave early, you know, in light of all that happened? His answers blew me out of the water and still does as I chew through it-

"Kayty, I didn't come to Thailand because I wanted to, and I'm not going to leave because I want to."

I hope you are able to see how profound that one line, powerhouse statement is! WHEW! We don't have an answer, were not trying to plan for tomorrow, we live for today and we wait! We wait on the Lord to carry us through each new day as He did through each second of these past few weeks.

Friends, Family

Thank you, thank you for reaching out to us tirelessly to love us SO well SO SO SO well through the trial. Your love made all the difference!

We Have Something To Ask...

We have been humbled, awestruck, grateful for the levels in which you have supported us! We couldn't do this, any second of it it it wasn't for your continued support! In light of this accident we lost a vehicle. We live outside of the city, different offices, different schedules, responsibilities, ministries etc. We have prayed, talked, and as I would do- talked through the pros and cons long and hard!

It is our hope that our next vehicle can be a car. In light of the trauma that we went through through is accident, its not the we don't trust Colby driving, we just want to use wisdom as we navigate these reckless Thai roads! Cars are not as common here as they are in the USA, leading them to be a much more significant purchase.

We are asking if you would be able to partner with us in this one time need- buying a new vehicle. The amount that we are looking at for a vehicle 10+ years old is around $8,000. We will be prayerful in the coming weeks that God leads us to the option that mets our support best!

If you would be interested in giving specifically towards this need you can give to us on paypal OR through our sending organization account

As always if you have any questions about this request or any others we would LOVE to talk with you further!