Hurricane Facts

By: Amber Madera and Lindsey Winters

Definition of Hurricane

The definttition of hurricane is a violent,tropical, cyclonic storm of the Western North Atlantic, having wind speeds of or in excess of 72 miles per hour. Hurricanes start when warm air and moist air begins to rise rapidly.

Texas Eco-regions that are affected by Hurricanes

Hurricanes might affect the Marine Enviroment, Gulf Coast Plains, Marshes, and the Coastal Sand Plains.

Hurricane Katrina

when and where Katrina happened

Katrina happened August 23, 2005 - August 30, 2005,in the gulf states.

What happened

the storm started in the gulf of mexico,then moved towards the land and it flooded the gulf states and destroyed mostly everything.It killed a lot of people and animals.

Effects on people and the environment

for the people living in the area it was hard a lot of people died and for some unlucky survivors, they have to walk away with both physical and mental injuries.As for the environment, who did better then people and animals, it was a lot better. since Mother Nature was built for Mother nature even when she is at her worst.the floods may have drowned the plants,left dead carcasses, and destroyed man made things and causing pollution but other than that mother nature kept the environments alive.

Negative and positive effects

the negative effects

on the environment

they can spill waste,destroy habitats,and kill animals.they can also leave dead mater every where along with wreckage.

on people

hurricanes destroy most buildings, costing lots of money to fix or rebuild.they are merciless killers and kill many people.they leave people with physical injuries and mental injuries.some mental injuries are depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

the positive effects

a positive effect is it could move dates to things that some don't want to happen.

Hurricane Katrina Historic Storm Surge Video - Gulfport, Mississippi