Thomas Edison Monument

By Kierstin Riley

Thomas Edison

Born on February 11, 1847, grew up to work on major technology. He created a lab in Menlo Park, which he created many of his inventions there. Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, phonograph, telegraph, and the alkaline storage batteries. Thomas Edison deserves a monument because of the inventions he created. His inventions are what we use today, and really couldn't go about without them.
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electric light bulb

Existing Memorial and how mine will be different.

  • Thomas Edison has an existing monument at Menlo Park, and is named Edison Memorial Tower. it is placed in Menlo park because this is where Thomas Edison created his lab and it was one of the largest laboratories in the world, almost as famous as Edison himself. This memorial does no show Thomas Edison or his inventions. it is similar to a building almost and i do not think people would be attracted to it by appearance.
  • This is how my monument will differ from this one. it will draw the persons eye to the monument and will want them to keep learning about Thomas Edison. My monument will be a lightbulb to and will attract he eyes of the people who are there. It will also not look just like a tall tower like the one in Menlo Park.


  • At age 12, Edison begged his parents to let him sell newspapers to passengers along a railroad line. Along with this, Edison used his access to the railroad to conduct chemical experiments in a small laboratory he set up in a train baggage car. This was the start to his major career.
  • 1869, he moved to New York and developed his first invention, an improved stock ticker. he got paid 40,000 from The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company because they were so impressed with his work.
  • 1877, developed the phonograph which is a method for recording sound.
  • 1880-1882, Edison developed the first company that would deliver the electricity to power and light the cities around the whole world.
  • 1896, first person to project the worlds first motion picture screening.
  • These dates and facts show how Thomas Edison deserves a monument for his work.
  • Even the younger generation doesn't favor Steve Jobs over the most iconic inventor in U.S. history. Young Americans chose Thomas Edison as the "greatest innovator of all time" in a new MIT survey.

Description and where monument will be placed.

  • My monument will be placed in Washington, D.C.
  • I feel it should be placed here because it is the nations capital and there are already many important monuments here.
  • With the new monument in D.C., I feel it would get a lot of attraction because of tourists and families who go there to learn about many important people that had done good to our country.
  • my monument will be a bright colored granite of a lightbulb to represent the electric light bulb he created and how bright and smart of a guy Thomas Edison was.

Most likely to disagree

  • Thomas Edison had developed many great inventions, but were they his idea? Thomas Edison could've been seen as a fraud and had steeled the ideas of many. A French printer and bookseller named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville created his “phonautograph” more than 15 years before Edison’s 1877 “invention” of the phonograph. Edison made no mention of de Martinville when marketing his own device.


Therefore, you now know why Thomas Edison deserves to have a monument. He was one of the greatest inventors to ever live. we know he wanted to work ever since he was a 12 year old and it paid off for him in the future. It takes hard work to make dreams into reality. That is why Edison liked to say, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." He worked hard to pursue his dreams and his inventions are what we use today.