AVID 1st Semester

By: Andrew Canright AVID 7 Period 2 1-12-15

How did I grow as a student this semester?

I grew as a student in AVID because of the strategies I use for AVID. Some of the strategies I use for AVID are cornell note taking, tutorial request form, public speaking, binder organization, and community service.
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Cornell Notes

One of the AVID strategies I use to help me is cornell note taking. Cornell note taking is a strategy that helps me because taking the cornell notes helps me understand more about the topic I'm taking cornell notes on. Cornell notes is one of the easiest way to take notes in my opinion.
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Tutorial Request Form

Another AVID strategy I use to help me is the tutorial request form. Using the strategy of doing the tutorial request form, I can get help on something I don't understand by bringing a TRF in on a Tuesday or a Thursday and my classmates and a tutor will help me solve my problem. The TRF is an easy way to get help on something you don't understand.
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Public Speaking

Public speaking is yet another thing we do in AVID. Public speaking helps because you're probably going to have to speak in front of people at one point in your life. It teaches you not to be nervous while public speaking so your crowd can understand you.
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AVID Binder

The AVID binder has helped me a lot throughout the semester. Before AVID, I had an unorganized binder and I could never find anything. Now, with the AVID binder, I am very organized and can actually find what I need.
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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is another thing that AVID suggests doing. Parent involvement can help in many ways. One way it can help is parents reminding their children to study or do homework. Another way parents can help is helping their children with homework on something they don't understand.

What will I do next semester to grow in these areas?

Next semester, I am going to keep using the AVID strategies to help me get better grades and not turn anything in late. I am also going to use the strategies just to make me better prepared for college. I am going to improve in these areas by updating my binder more frequently and doing my TRF before it is due in class.