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Activating and Sustaining Resilient Leadership
Pasi's Theme Song - Stairways to Heaven - Reintepreted

Inspired by Led Zeppelin's classic song, the Andrew Denton ABC TV Show, 'The Money or the Gun' reinterreted 'Stairway to Heaven' over twenty times. Please also visit Amazon.
Tom: Direct Link to Articles Home Page

An extensive collection of articles by Professor Guskey in the following 4 areas: Assessment (7), Grading and Reporting (12), Mastery Learning (7) and Professional Learning (8).

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Links live to Professor Guskey's blog.

Tom: Direct Link to Presentations (1-4)

1. What Do We Know About Pre-Assessments? (pre-assessment) 2. Beyond Assessments For Learning (assessment) 3. Developing Standards-based Grading & Reporting Systems (reporting) 4. Grading & Reporting Student Learning #1 (grading) # Title (password)

Tom: Direct Link to Presentations (5-8)

5. Grading & Reporting Student Learning #2 (parents) 6. Unpacking Standards w Specifications (tables) 7. Differentiating Instruction w Mastery Learning (mastery) 8. Designing & Evaluating Effective Professional Learning (learning) # Title (password)
Purchase Dr McIntyre's Empowered Educators in Australia

This links to Amazon to preview, purchase and/or review Dr Ann McIntyre's latest work: 'Empowered Educators in Australia: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality'

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Visit the NSW DoE's 'School Leadership Institute' (SLI)

At this link you will be able to access information regarding: the establishment of the School Leadership Institute, the Aspiring Principals Program and Issues 1, 2 & 3 of the SLI Newsletter.

Trinity Woodhouse ~ Featured Performer's Website

Please also visit the links below to support Trinity, a Public Education student: ABC ~ Triple J - UnEarthed website and the Independent Country Music Awards.

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Click this link to access specific information regarding the ConnectED 2019 Principals' Conference. This 2-day conference is targeted for Principals, PEOs, CEOs, Directors and higher.

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Click this link to access specific information regarding the ConnectED 2019 Executive's Conference. This 1-day conference is targeted for APs, HTs, DPs, SEO1s and SEO2's.

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MSP PHOTOGRAPHY knows what a hassle-free photo day looks like. For us, school photography is simple and we’re happy to take care of all the little details for you. Our staff are on hand to answer your enquiries and to step you through our photo day or ordering procedures. We love to help schools with yearbooks, fundraising ideas and promotions.

INTEGRATE AV specialises in audio visual collaboration and unified communication products and services. We deliver end to end solutions to enterprise, education and government clients and we deliver at every point of the client relationship from project inception through to design, delivery, ongoing service and support.

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Thank you to our ongoing ConnectED Diamond Sponsor, MSP Photography.

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Thank you to our new ConnectED 2019 Diamond Sponsor, Integrate AV.

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