Oklahoma Striving Readers

December 2019/January 2020

Happy Holidays!

We hope this newsletter finds you well. It is that magical time in the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a holiday cheer that buzzes throughout schools during this time which can make these 3 weeks really go by quickly or rather slowly.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our Annual Convening on Thursday, January 16th. We will be meeting from 8:30 am- 3:00 pm at the Metro Tech Springlake campus in Oklahoma City. We will be sharing important information, as well as giving you all time to learn from one another. Please look for a previously sent email from Sharon Morgan regarding information we need by December 20, 2019. The registration link is in the newsletter below.

We are excited to host our next OSRCL Zoom call on December 10, 2019 at 10:00 am. We have invited several districts to share what they are doing to boost literacy achievement with diverse learners. You can register for the zoom call using this link:


The Striving Readers team at the OSDE wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season.

Save the Date!

OSRCL Annual meeting will be January 16th, 2020 at Metro Technology Center, Springlake campus in Oklahoma City

Register here:


Zoom Meetings

Our next Zoom meeting will be December 10, 2019 at 10:00 am. We have asked several districts to share what they are doing to support literacy achievement with special populations. Please join us to learn from other Striving Reader schools.

Register for the December Zoom meeting at this link.


OSRCL Zoom Meeting Dates and Topics

  • December 10th - Special Populations (EL / IEP)

  • January 16, 2020 - Face to Face Meeting

  • February 11, 2020 Secondary Literacy

  • March 10, 2020 - TBA

  • April 14, 2020 - FY21 Goals and Local Literacy Plans

Notes and resources from past calls:


Virtual Vocabulary Book Study

OSRCL Virtual Vocabulary Book Study

Teachers, district leaders, instructional coaches, reading specialists, and grant coordinators are invited to join us for our OSRCL Vocabulary Book study. We will be reading and discussing the following books:

  • Bringing Words to Life (2013)

by Isabel Beck, Margaret McKowen, and Linda Kucan

  • Teaching Basic and Advanced Vocabulary (2010)

By Robert Marzano

The book study will be done through Zoom at 3:45pm. Dates and meeting registration links are below. Additional details can be found here.

We would love for you to join us! If you missed the first call that is not a problem! Notes from the first call can be found here:


Upcoming Calls

Thursday 1.9.20

3:45 pm

Chapters 3-4 both books


Thursday 3.12.20

3:45 pm

Chapters 5-8 Beck

Chapters 5-6 Marzano


Thursday 5.14.20


Chapters 9-10 Beck

Chapter 7 Marzanp


PD Survey- To Do or Not To Do

As part of our federal grant requirements we must collect professional development information from our districts. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when planning for professional learning and the OSRCL pd survey:

  • Is the professional learning 3 hours or longer? Do the OSRCL PD survey.

  • Is the professional learning less than 3 hours? The OSRCL PD survey is optional.

Please keep in mind that you will receive a pd survey feedback report after participants have taken the survey. PD feedback reports are made when there are more than 5 participants. If you don’t have a pd feedback report for professional learning that has already taken place, please let Michelle Seybolt know.

Evidence Based Practices

This short guide, ESSA and Evidence Claims: A Practical Guide to Understanding What "Evidence Based" Really Means, is an excellent resource providing an overview of the tiers of evidence and provides 5 questions to ask when evaluating claims of evidence. It is a helpful resource to use when considering the materials, programs, and personnel purchased with your Striving Readers grant.

As you plan next year’s OSRCL budget, please remember that OSRCL grant funds can only be used on activities and programs that meet moderate to strong levels of evidence according to ESSA. Click here for an overview of the levels of evidence.

The Evidence for ESSA or What Works Clearinghouse websites can be used to determine levels of evidence. The Practices Guides describe instructional recommendations that can be implemented with existing standards or curriculum. If you are looking to adopt a program or attend professional learning, you can align them with the practice guide strategies that meet strong to moderate evidence. Click here for a list of literacy practice guides and an overview of the recommendations.

Tweet what's happening in your district using #OSRCL!

Professional Development Survey

Please remember to have your staff complete the online OSRCL Professional Development Survey every time they participate in a half day or longer literacy professional development. The survey results are returned to you to help make decisions for follow up and future professional developments at your school.

The Oklahoma Striving Readers Team

Dr. Brook Meiller

Project Director


(405) 522-0285


Sharon Morgan,

Program Manager


(405) 522-3241


Michelle Seybolt

School Improvement and Data Specialist


(405) 522-2214


The U.S. Department of Education awarded the Oklahoma State Department of Education with a three-year Striving Readers grant totaling $21,530.920 in October 2017. The cost of this publication has been purchased with these federal grant funds in the amount of $0.00.