No Small Thing

By: Natalie Ghent

Reviewed by Caroline

Imagine living in a beautiful house with a barn and lots of horses. Then your Dad leaves you with no money or warning. You have to sell your house, horses, and happiness. That's how life is for Sid, Nathaniel, and Queenie. Nathaniel, the main character, is 12 years old and has skipped many grades because he is so smart. One day in the newspaper the threesome sees an ad for a free pony. After getting their pony, their life changes. But school is a different story. Everyone knows that they are poor and that means Queenie gets into fights almost every day, Sid gets picked on, and Nathaniel really likes a girl but can’t talk to her because he is not as wealthy as her. Will Nathanial be able to speak up to her?

This book is sad, but happy at times and was really suspenseful. I enjoyed this book and you will too, if this sounds like you:

1. You’re a kind person

2. You’re fair

3. You likes sad books (sometimes) I recommend this book to people that are ages 9 to 13 because of the amount of drama and bad wording in the book. This book is total fiction, but could be realistic fiction. Also I recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction/fiction. My favorite part is when they go out on the sled with their pony. It was a magical moment in the book. I like it because they are so happy and are not worrying about money or fame. This is truly an amazing book that is a definite read. I hope you like this book as much as I did.

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