Technology Class

By:Dakota Swanson

Typing Web

  • I know how to type at a 6 grade level
  • In the begin of class you do it for 5 minutes
  • It helps me type at a faster speed
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  • what you need to make a trailer
  • it is very informational on every thing
  • this app is fun and enjoyable to use
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Haiku deck

  • this would be good for applying for a job
  • it good for any project you can do
  • you can also just you it for fun

Explain Everything

  • it is a very Informational to a project
  • You can record a your voice
  • Asking question is optional unless told to

career locker

  • you get to take a lot of quiz's
  • it scary learning how long you have till collage
  • you do it with ms vandenbogard


  • it is really fun and cool
  • you can learn how to make video game
  • play video games and code at the same time