1:1 Year One

Top 11 Lessons Learned from Our First Year

The good, the bad and the ugly. Movie Example.

Muscle Infomercial Project

Organization of Project


Non-Example (great video but content is lacking)

Nervous System (next project) Success Example

Lessons Learned:

1. Emphasize the GOAL. And then emphasize again...and again...and again.

2. Great way for students to process and share information.

Simplicity Can be Beautiful. Smore Example.

Cell Organelle Structure and Function

Lesson Learned:

3. Simplicity provides time to explore content verses bells and whistles.

Organize, Organize, Organize. Google Drive Example

Student Folders and Class Folders

Lessons Learned:

4. Take time to TEACH the drive (or other tool such as Dropbox etc.)

5. Make a template version

6. Learn the features of your tool (Revision history and commenting)

7. Double and triple check share settings (or privacy settings)

Out of the Classroom for a Conference? No Problem with 1:1!

Out of the classroom (Nature v Nurture)

Lessons Learned:

8. Students are more engaged when they know you MAYBE watching.

9. Make sure to discuss appropriate forms of communication while you are out.

Educator Accounts. Get them! Examples Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart

Lesson Learned:

10. Sign up ahead of time and try it with a few students.

AND #11 is... try it!

Honestly, I am excited about 1:1 and have been since I heard the news. I could talk for hours on how it has improved my enthusiasm for teaching science and how it has led to inquiry opportunities not possible with only books. I have learned so much from my students and they have learned from me.