Mortal Math Kombat

By: Sergio and Alex


This is our math scavenger hunt and we have themed it after Mortal Kombat and we now have added math to the fight.
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In all the characters in Mortal Kombat there are only 25 characters. 6 of them are girls and the rest are guys. The percent of girls is 24%.


The ratio of humans to non-humans is 14:11.

Measurement Conversion

If Kung Jin's Bow is 7 feet tall... how many inches is it?


Kitanas fan is 4.273 inches wide. If she loses 1.378 inches in a fight then how much of her fan is left.

Positive and Negative Integer

If Takedas house is 273 feet above sea level and Scorpion's house is 2769 feet below sea level, then how much feet will Scorpion have to climb to reach Takeda?
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Scorpion and Sub- Zero were trying to combine their fire and ice balls. If Scorpion can make 7 ice balls in 2 minutes and Sub-Zero can make 11 in 3 minutes. What time will they make the same amount of ice and fire balls.
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If Kenshi has 147 swords then how much does he have an exponents.