All About Snakes

by Seung in Owens class


Hiss! Did you ever see a snake? If you're lucky you might see one because Sssnakes are all around us and this book will tell you All About Snakes.If you have a question you can read this book


Snakes live in Florida and there are snakes that only live in Asia.Snakes can live in trees, deserts, mountains, and seas.Snakes live in North America and snakes can even live forests around you!!!


Snakes eat mice and big snakes eat pigs and deers in one gulp! But most snakes eat insects, birds, fish, lizards, frogs, and other small animals. Snakes swallow their food whole!

Physical Characteristics

Snakes have diamond, stripes, and dots. Some snakes have rough and soft skins, and some some snakes have two heads. All lot of snakes are round and thick but some are always small. Some snakes have two heads because when they were born the air was bad and because the things they ate was bad and rotten. Some snakes have rattles and their called rattlesnakes and it says rattle in their name because they have rattles.

Fun Facts

Snakes have no legs but they can climb and slide, snakes can hang and glide. Some snakes peels off when their skin is old and when they peel off another skin grows. Snakes with fangs have poison bites and some venomous snakes can be really bad because some snakes can make people die. Snakes can stretch tall. Some snakes play dead because animals don't like to eat dead animals. Snakes get poison from their side of the jaws. Scarlet kingsnakes look like coral snakes to pretend that their poisonous so animals won't eat them. Pythons can be pets and ten of thousands of python live in Florida. Snakes travel 30 miles in few weeks.


Hisss! Now you know all about snakes you can pet one but be careful they might be poisonous. If your mom or dad let you buy a snake. They can be pets. I hope you liked this book