By: Hannah Jackson

Current Event

A court accused 17 people of illegally transporting classified documents to another countries security. Many people were sentenced less harshly than others. The sentences ranged from 15 years to probation. Many of the defendants were convicted of espionage for the transportation of the documents with no right to do so.


The President and head of state is Gjorge Ivanov. They have a parliamentary democracy. Macedonia has a head of government and the person who fulfills this role is the prime minister. The president serves a five year term. While parliamentary elections are held every four years. The executive branch consists of the president and the council of ministers. Most people feel that the government is very involved in there every day life even though they don't have the financial support to do a lot of help for the people. The voting age of Macedonia is 18 years of age.


In Macedonia on Christmas a bird is eaten, while on Easter they eat a lamb. During Christmas Eve dinner a coin is placed in the cake. Sweets are a normal appearance at celebrations. Breakfast is at 9 a.m. that consists of bread and cheese. Dinner is the main meal of the day and is eaten around 2 p.m. . All meals are prepared right before it is time to eat them , hot food is allowed to cool down to room temperature before eaten.

The main religion is Orthodox Christianity and Islam. The important holidays are Christmas and Easter for Christians. On the feast of Epiphany, a cross gets tossed into a large body of water to bless it for the new years.

The main language of the Macedonian people is Macedonian over 3 million people use this language in every day life.

Mavrovo Lake

The Mavrovo Lake is found in the north-western region of Macedonia. It is a great fishing, swimming and boating spot. The Mavrovo Lake also has a half submerged church in the middle!

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Millennium Cross

The Millennium Cross is 66 meters high. The cross was built to be a symbol of 2000 years of Christianity in Macedonia. The cross was made in 2002 and was funded by the Macedonian Christian Church. A elevator was installed inside the cross in 2008. Then in 2009 there was a souvenir and restaurant opened next to the cross. In 2011 the cross ropeway opened. The cross now shines down upon the city with glowing lights.

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Macedonian Animals

Macedonia has a vast wildlife with very unusual animals. They are usual yet unusual because they range from bears to tigers. Macedonia has over 100,000 different species. Many of which live in forests. Macedonia rescues hundreds of animals daily from starvation.