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The Victoria Cruises, high quality cuisine offers exceptional food, both Chinese and Western dishes. Our three time Emmy Award Winning chef is Chef Walter Staib, is a leader in field and has advised many large hotel chains, and created nearly five hundred restaurants globally. We have single seated dynasty dining room which offers breakfast, buffet, lunch, and dinner. And there are also separate dining rooms without additional charges so you don't have to pay extra. Be ready to experience the joys of Chinese Cuisine!


Tai Chi Chuan

The term Chuan refers to a school or method of boxing or combat. Tai Chi Chuan is a method of fighting based on the dynamically interacting forces. Daily practice of Tai Chi offers mental clarity and a healthy body. It assists with balance and helps the circulation flow of the blood. We offer Tai Chi early mornings to begin the day.


We provide lectures on the Chinese history and culture adding insight to the cruise experience. These topics include the evolution of the dam project and its importance to China, Chinese medicine, poetry by many of the famous Chinese sages, the Chinese language, Chinese traditional brush painting, dumpling wrapping, etc.

Fashion Shows

Our crew presents some of China's most elaborate fashions dating back to the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). A variety of traditional costumes from all regions of China will reflect China's cultural diversity.

Cabaret Shows

Our crew puts on a performance not to be missed; Singing, dancing, and music! The cabaret show also gives an opportunity for our passengers to display any special talents they may have. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience while cruising on the Yangtze with Victoria.

Feature Films

If you prefer to just simply relax in your cabin, we show featured films on your cabin television.

Tea Time and Happy Hour

Tea and coffee is offered in the morning before breakfast, and tea and cookies are given in the afternoon. During "Happy Hour," enjoy your favorite cocktail at a discounted price in the Yangtze Club, as you unwind from the day.



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