Entering Data

Entering data is very simple. All you have to do is enter your information by columns and rows. The colomns are labled by letters, and the rows are labled by numbers. The cool thing about spreadsheets is that you can make them work for you.

Manipulating Data

To manipulate your data, you have to tell your spreadsheet what to do. If you want it to put in all the months for , you have to put January,February, and highlight the next 10 boxes. Hit enter and you should have the 12 months! If you want it to add for you, highlight the boxes you would like to add, and in a empty box, put in =SUM(,and you have answer. You can do the same for the average, minimum, and maximum.

Formatting Data

Before you format your data, you will notice that if you have any numbers with .0, they won't show unless you put a dollar or percent sign next to the number. You can also change your background colors of your spreadsheet. You can make the rows alternate if you want. Make one row white and the other blue.