2 Preschool Reminders

(and one of them is parking, again. Sorry!!)

2 Reminders

Lets get the bad out of the way first- I mentioned my neighbors were cranky, right? The gentlman living nextdoor to me has complained (and honestly, he's justified) about people blocking his driveway. Please please please do not block anyone's driveway during pickup and drop off, even if it's just for a minute, even if you're still in your car, and even if it's just a bit of the driveway. They're all waiting by their windows watching to catch you, I swear! If you are the first to arrive please pull up as far as you can to allow the other cars to line up behind you, and feel free to block my driveway as much as youd like :)

If you are forced to park far away, also feel free to wait unil the other cars have moved to drive up closer to let you kids out or get them so that you don't have to walk far on these frosty mornings, I'll happliy wait for you. Pass the message around to anyone who occasionally picks up your preschooler, and expect me to be the parking monitor for the next few weeks until my neighbors calm down. Thanks! I appreciate your patience and help as I get these first year kinks ironed out.

Second- The Favorite Food Feast is this Thursday/Friday. Send your preschooler with a some of their favorite food to share with the other preschoolers. Whatever you send is perfectly fine and I'm happy to heat up or keep cool whatever your preschooler chooses to bring. Please, no nuts.