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Assalamu Alaykum brothers, and sisters.. Here we go again, another semester with lots of events planned for you!

Quick announcements that we have for you:

  • Wudu area is now constantly open - UC Basement.
  • MSA Library now open for people to get books! Come grab a book during office hours.
  • Islam Awareness Week is coming up - Want to get involved? Details below!
  • Got a reflection from one of the halaqas? Or any thoughtful lines you want to share with your community? Email it to with the subject line: Blog Post , and insha'Allah we will work on posting it for you on our website.

On another note, we are planning on having a ski trip this coming february. Details about price and location will be in the next newsletter inshaa'Allah. Stay Tuned!


MSA Library!

Anxious to learn more about Islam and enhance your knowledge, but don't have time to go to the public library? Then drop by at your very own MSA office located in the UC room # 222 and sign out a book! Alhumdulillah, you will find a great variety of different literatures to choose from.

Islam Awareness Week

The MSA is currently planning for one of our biggest events, Islam Awareness week (IAW). This year the topic of IAW is Tawheed which is the oneness of God. The week’s festivities will be occurring Tuesday February 4th to Friday February 7th so mark those dates on your calendar! For those who are unfamiliar with IAW, it is an annual week-long event occurring in UC courtyard that raises awareness about Islam. We create a safe and positive environment for people to engage in dialogue about Islam as well as sharing Islamic perspective on matters of religion and life.

A big part of IAW is VOLUNTEERS! In order for IAW to be successful, we need volunteers who can help us spread the message of Islam. Below you will find the volunteer sheet for IAW. Please sign up for time slots that suit you the best. Also, just a reminder, for those who choose to help out in the UC, there's a mandatory Dawah training (more details on the first page of the volunteer sheet).


We would certainly like to see all brothers and sisters helping out at this event! Please email us back if you have any questions.

On Going Porgrams


Every Friday at 1:30pm in University Centre Room 103.

The alternative location is Room 442, prior notice will be given.


General Halaqa: By Brother Taha Mao, covering The Life of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) from beginning to end.

When: Every Wednesday - 5:30pm to 6:45pm

Where: University Centre Basement - Room 005

As most of you know, we are continuing with our Halaqahs every week. In the Life of The Prophet Series, we will begin to talk about the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Sisters Only Halaqa: By Sister Sara El Sharawy, covering the 10 Companions guaranteed Paradise.

For notes, or information visit:

When: Every Thursday - 5:30pm - 6:45pm

Where: University Centre 3rd floor - Room 333

Sisters Swimming

Sisters, come out for a refreshing swim with your fellow sisters on Friday nights!

When: 8pm to 9pm every Friday

Where: Athletic Centre

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