Philanthropy Club

Join us for fun and for good!!

The Philanthropy Club

Willing to help people suffering from diseases or poverty? Lets try and help them!!
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Activities we will be doing

  • Hold events at school
  • Charity Activities
  • Donation
  • Volunteering (Great opportunity to get volunteer hours too)
  • And more...

Lets meet !

We'll be having club meetings every Wednesday and Friday after school at Room 101
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Our Goal

Participate in as many charity events as possible to help the community. Only one of us can't make a difference but all of us can.

How will we know if we brought change to the society?

We are going to set up a website for our club, and every time we participated in a charity or a philanthropic event, we will ask the organizer to post a comment or a message on the site. As more and more message accumulates, we'll know how much change we have done to the community.

Any questions contact me

Email :

Phone # : 647-344-1234