Apartheid in South Africa

What is Apartheid?

Apartheid is a racial social system in South Africa. The non-whites don't have the same political or economic rights as whites. The blacks don't even live in the same places as whites. Apartheid is segregation.

Life Like Under Apartheid in South Africa

Apartheid affects every aspect of life greatly in South Africa. In South African people are divided into three categories: white, black, or colored. If you are non-white, then you have to live in homelands which are also called townships. If you lived in these, then you have to carry passbooks 24/7. Passbooks show your race and it identifies you. If a officer asks to see your passbook, then it is required that you show them. If you don't show your passbook, then you can get arrested, beaten, or killed. Apartheid also allows whites to rule and blacks to serve. The political protests are either non-violent or violent. Anyone who protests can be imprisoned for up to six months without a hearing. If you do protest then you might be tortured, whipped, or sentenced to death.