Spring has Sprung

Third Grade Updates

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and the wonderful weather. Here are a few updates to let you know what has been happening and what will soon happen in third grade.

Last week, we started our game of Makoce, the simulation of Native life on the Plains. Hopefully, you have heard about this exciting new adventure. The students have been researching the Sioux tribe enthusiastically, trying to learn all the skills they will need to survive once the game gets rolling - hunting and gathering, using buffalo, saving food and water, making medicine, and more. Each child is a member of a tribe and has chosen a skill to master for his/her tribe. They are using book resources to gain the information needed to present a written paragraph, detailed drawing or 3-D creation that shows their mastery of the skill. Completing this task will earn their tribe an Adaptation Card to be used during later rounds.

On Friday, third graders joined their buddies to fill Hope Totes for the Sunday Breakfast Mission. We also created cards to accompany the bags to help brighten someone's day. The students loved working with their Pre-K buddy to do service for our community.

ERBs will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Please make sure your child gets to bed on time, eats a hearty breakfast, and arrives promptly. There will be no homework this week allowing them to enjoy this wonderful weather and get to bed early.

In writing, he children are completing their persuasive letters. Hopefully, you have witnessed some of their new powers of persuasion in conversations at home! They learned how to create a catchy introduction, write a powerful thesis statement, and add loads of convincing arguments and counter arguments.

We will be wrapping up our fraction unit early next week. If you have time, try to use fractions at home with by following a recipe or dividing up food - pizza, pie, hershey bars and graham crackers are great for this.

Have a great week. In friendship,

The Third Grade Team