Chemical Reactions

By: Michael Bugaj

Wierdest Chemical Reaction I have Ever Freaking Seen!!


In the video above Mercury(ll) and Thiocyanate are mixed together and then lit on fire, and it decomposes to make a cool snake shape kinda thing. The chemical balanced equation is 2Hg(SCN)2 → 2HgS + CS2 + C3N4.
Science Short: Aluminum & Iodine

2Al + 3I2

In the video above a powdered form of iodine and aluminum is mixed and they react. I know its a chemical reaction because it creates a sort of a purple flare and a little fire is made. 2Al + 3I2 ---> 2AlI3 is the balanced equation for this chemical reaction.'

Fe + S

In the video above, Iron and and Sulfur are mixed, and with a little flame the whole thing just sets on fire. A chemical reaction is occurring, and i know that because its on fire. The name chemical formula is Iron(ll) Sulfide , and then the balanced equation is Fe + S ---> FeS.