New Mary of Plymouth By: Nina

The Mayflower first sailed and 4 years foward By:Nina.R

The Book You Shouln't Miss

Mary of Plymouth

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A Girl Named Mary

Mary is a young girl 11.She sailed on the Mayflower. Mary is a girl with freinds left behind in Leyden, England. Now she has a friend named Sarah. This is an awsome book for learning about times in the 1620's.

About the book

Mary is settling down in Plymouth, Plymouth Rock. She has left her friends in England. Now it is Winter and they are low in food sources. Some Native Americans help them survive instead of attack. The villagers were originally afraid of the Native Americans. The Native Americans show their part in the story.

Plymouth Men at Work

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Why to read this book?

This book is great for teaching children and students in general about colonial times. You will figure out the villagers point of view about Plymouth and other villages.

Plymouth Rock! ENGRAVED!!!!

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