for an American

How to make an American

Yields for

  • 1 American
  • 3 Indians
  • 7 Asians
  • 4 Canadians


  • 1 selfie
  • Bag of Mcdonald's
  • Accepting
  • Clumsy
  • Ray Ban Glasses( A lot like Matt's)
  • An Eagles Nest
  • YOLO

How to Make It

  • But first, lemme take a selfie
  • Put McDonalds and in a bowl
  • Add a pinch of Accepting( We prefer Irvings Spices.)
  • Melt some Clumsy over the stove and add
  • Then, add a little Hipster, Ray bands are the best.
  • Heat the eagles nest to 375 degrees
  • Throw it in the nest, if you want more flavor, add some bieber albums
  • Cook for an hour
  • Finally, Add some YOLO on top.
  • Serve to the recommended people above