The "Not First or Second" Party

Founded by Benjamin Javan Duster

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Foreign Policy

We should be looking out for the welfare of every citizen instead of certain individuals. This is also true with other nations. We should be looking for the best for all nations instead of just a few. When there is conflict however, we believe that there should always be an attempt at negotiating first and that a declaration of war should be a last resort. When war is declared we should only have troops in those countries we declared war on. The only other time we should have troops on the ground is in regards to terrorism in order to keep our nation safe.

Health Care

All Americans should have affordable coverage. They should have the option to choose from a variety of insurance plans or choose to keep what they already have. This coverage should be portable between jobs.


Illegal immigrants who are already living in America but are living by our rules should be allowed to stay as long as they are working toward becoming a citizen. They should learn our language, pay taxes, and pay a fine as long as they are illegal. We should also increase the number of visas for those who are already living here that wish to bring family over as well as those who fit job descriptions which current employees cannot meet. Employers should also be verified, using a fair system so as to not discriminate against workers, in order to assure that they are not hiring undocumented immigrants.