Weapons American Revolutionary War

Most common weapons were Muskets Cannons Flintlock Pistol

One of the most common weapons that almost all soldiers used was a Musket or Flintlock Musket

Now this gun was one of the fist used guns in war or battle. Before the musket manily people fought with swords but shortly after the musket was introduced it gave wars and battles a whole new look. First made in 1795 the musket became known as the Flintlock Musket and was patterned after a french musket design. The gun is a long gun that weight 9 pounds which was long, 5 feet in total. The gun fired a single lead ball that measured about 3/4 of an inch. A flint was held by two jaws when the gun loaded and when the flint struck a part called the frizzen, the spark caused the gun powder in the barrel to ignite, which propelled the lead ball out. The first year the flintlock musket were being assembled in Springfield only 245 were made in production, and the following year 838 were made the second year in production. In total between 1795 and 1844 over 475,000 muskets were produced.

There were other Wepons used in the Revolutionary War besides the Musket

Other Wepons that soldiers used included Cannons, Flintlock Pistols, and Swords.

Here are some descriptions of some of those Wepons.