Deborah Sampson

Project By Brenna Cihal


Deborah Sampson was born December 17, 1760. She dressed in mens cloths and joined the American Revolution. She went to the doctor and they discovered her secret. She kept a journal about her experiences but it got lost during a boat ride in a storm. She lived in Massachusetts. She died April 29, 1827. In my point of view I think she is important because she proved women can fight in war. She got married April 17, 1785. She had three children Earl Bradford, Mary, and Patience.

Surrender at Yorktown

The battle of Yorktown happened October 19, 1781. Charles Cornwallis was the General of the British army. Gorge Washington was the General for the patriots. In Yorktown, Virginia the war happened. This event happened because the patriots wanted freedom from King Gorge lll. General Cornwallis brought 8,000 British troops. Washington gathered an army of 17,000 soldiers to take to Yorktown. Cornwallis had to surrender.We won the Revolutionary War.