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July/August Update

Teacher Placement Letters

Letters will be mailed home on Friday, August 11th. Your child's letter will include contact information for your child's teacher and about the optional supply drop off & Meet the Teacher on the morning of Tuesday, August 29th for our 1st-5th grade students. In an attempt to alleviate a congested parking lot, we encourage students with LAST NAMES A-J come from 8:00-8:30, and LAST NAMES K-Z come fro 8:30-9:00.

What We're Working On in 2017-2018

Look for additional details to come out in the future, but here's a sneak peek and where we'll be focusing our energy in the year to come:

  • A truly standards-based math "program" using a guided math model for differentiated math instruction for all students. If you missed the update from June about Avoca West's math progress and planning, CLICK HERE.
  • Visible Learning will still be a focus for our building next year and will be making its way to Marie Murphy as well. We'll be purposefully building a greater sense of student ownership of their learning so that they know what they're learning and why/how it connects to the greater world, setting goals for themselves, and becoming comfortable with taking risks...and even failing!
  • Every minute matters -- we need your help! As we look to really maximize the school day for our students, our teachers will be beginning instruction at 8:20. For years we have said, "Butts in seats at 8:20," but the reality has been that students trickle in up until 8:30 from their lockers. Over the course of a week, that's almost missing out on an hour of instruction. Next year teachers will truly begin marking students tardy who are not in their seats at 8:20, so please (please! please!) make sure that your child is at school with plenty of time to get inside, unpack, and get into his/her seat by 8:20 (8:10 is a safe bet). As a parent, I know how hard this is and appreciate your help!
  • Refining communication from school to home (and home to school) via an updated website (coming by January) and in sharing more substantive information in newsletters and teacher updates. Additionally, I will be really looking to ramp up our use of social media to share our story of the great work that takes place in and around our school. I alone can't tell the story, and will be encouraging our teachers and parents to use the #engageAW hashtag on Twitter and will also be "employing" media interns as a new student leadership opportunity for our students to share the story through their eyes. If you don't follow us on Twitter (@AvocaWest37 or @HutchJessica) or Facebook, the links are below to hop on board!

I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks, and hope you're savoring each and every moment

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AW Summer Challenge 2017

Upcoming Dates to Finish Up the Year!

8/11 - Teacher Assignment Letters mailed home

9/6 - Parent Orientation Night at Avoca West (times to be announced soon!)

9/14 - Ice Cream Social & Volunteer Fair (at Avoca West, but district event)

Check out the Avoca PTC's Updated Website

Don't forget to stop by the Avoca PTC website for updated information and dates to put on your calendar as well. There are many exciting events going on -- including our Spirit Wear sales!!

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to ask any of our office staff for help!