The Sunday Message

Announcements, Resources, Celebrations 10/2/17

Read-a-Thon Tracks 1 and 3 Begins Monday, Oct. 2 & Ends Friday, Oct. 13

Happy Birthdays

Happy Thursday, October 5th Birthday to 2nd grade teacher Carrie Stepnoski.


Read-a-Thon Starts Second Half of Fundraiser


As you know, we are currently sponsoring a Read-A-Thon. Tracks 2 and 4 begin their fundraiser on Monday, October 2 and end on Friday, October 13. The proceeds help us pay for technology repair and replacement, teacher supplements, field-trip scholarships, the Valentine’s Dance, Grandparents and Parents events, and so much more! As just one example, last year we needed $8,000 for batteries, cords, and the replacement and up-keep of technology used specifically by students! We also needed $6,500 for cultural arts performances!

Our fund-raising goal this year is $55,000. We have raised $24,085 thus far.

That is $30,915 short of our goal!!

Read-A-Thon will be over Friday, 10/13/17, so please donate

if you have not done so!

Your students and school need your support!!

Obstacles to donation:

  • I lost the read-a-thon sheet!
The teacher can easily print out another one. I don’t know how to donate! Go to the Read-a-Thon website. You can “Join” your child’s team and donate with a credit card, through paypal, or with an electronic check. You can donate any amount.

  • When you set up your account do you have to use Twitter or Facebook?

No, just use your email address.

  • I am worried about security. Can I just write a check?

Yes, you can. You can use the electronic form on the website, or you can write a personal check to the PUE PTA. Due to book keeping needs, the electronic form is preferred, but we welcome any donation!

  • I don’t want my child to choose prizes for reading- is this a requirement?

No, it is not. You don’t have to “purchase” prizes with “Rat-bucks.”

  • How does reading relate to the fundraiser again? Student are reading and sponsors are giving money toward his/her efforts.

Students reading times together as a school are being added up to see if we can read a certain distance (one minute= ¼ mile.) The map is in the front hallway of the school!

  • I liked the Boosterthon fundraiser- why are we doing Read-A-Thon?

The majority of parents and staff did not like the disruption that Boosterthon caused during the school day. We decided to promote Read-A-Thon in order to preserve more classroom time, to promote reading, and to listen to the opinions of those involved. We knew that we might raise less, but we also knew that Boosterthon kept more of the money raised ($30,000 out of $55,000 raised) than Read-A-Thon ($,8,000 out of $55,000 raised)- basically more money we raise goes directly to our school. However, this is ONLY IF WE RAISE $55,000!!

  • I don’t have a lot of money!

Any amount helps, we understand. Read-a-Thon has found many moderate donations (Typically 3- $30 donations) help schools reach their goal.

For more about the progress of our funds raised to date go to Read-a-Thon Fundraiser.

In addition:

  • Businesses can sponsor students and the school.
  • Our fundraising efforts are immediately realized as the Read-a-Thon Fundraiser collects Donations versus Pledges.
  • Read-a-Thon is primarily done online. If, however, you cannot participate online you can write a check directly to the PUE PTA, who, in turn will deposit your check and transfer it to the online fundraiser.

Additional questions about Read-a-Thon please contact:

WCPSS/Carolina Hurricanes "READVOLUTION" Updates

Recently the Carolina Hurricanes the Wake County Schools called "READVOLUTION" was announced that challenges Wake County students to read 2020 books between October 2 and January 12. The challenge

encourages students to read 20 minutes each day outside of school. The big prize is a field trip in February to the PNC Arena for nine elementary schools that have the highest number of books read, based on the percentage of their student population. In addition 10 elementary schools will get a visit from Stormy and the Storm Squad. Students at those schools will be eligible for items such as tickets and hats. Our school will post a “READVOLUTION” hockey rink in the school hallway soon for students to mount hockey pucks with favorite book read during this contest. This contest couldn’t come at a better time as it overlaps with Read-a-Thon so students and our school can make money for the Read-a-Thon AND will encourage students to continue reading so that we can be be in the running for the top nine schools prize to go to a Hurricanes game in February. Be on the lookout for more information on READVOLUTION.

Parent Letter About READVOLUTION (English)

Parent Letter About READVOLUTION (Spanish)

READVOLUTION Instruction Flier (English)

READVOLUTION Instruction Flier (Spanish)


Important Board Advisory Committee Updates From 9/18/17 Meeting--Affects PUE

The Region 3 Board Advisory Committee Meeting met Monday, September 18 at West Millbrook Middle School. The focus of the discussion was about the class size changes that the NC Legislature have scheduled for the 2018-19 school year. Principal Kristen Faircloth presented a slide deck describing the proposed changes to the Wake County Public School System. Below is a summary of how the legislation will affect Pleasant Union. Also added are BAC minutes, powerpoint presentation, class size strategies for Northern Area Schools that have high facility use.

How do the proposed changes affect Pleasant Union?

In a nutshell, the scheduled teacher to student ratio changes will mean that our Makerspace area, AIG Room, and possibly art and/or music rooms will need to be transitioned into classrooms. In addition, all grades levels will have classrooms rotating to ensure that there are enough classrooms to accommodate the K-3 teacher/student ratio legislation. Further, IF the Art and/or Music Room is converted each program would have less time to be with students and typical instruction would be diluted, due to the logistics of getting materials to each homeroom classroom.

In addition, below are some helpful resources regarding the legislated class size changes scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.


Picture Day October 4th for Tracks 1 & 2

Our next picture day is scheduled for Thursday, October 5 for tracks 1 & 2. The photographers will utilize both the stage and a small portion of the gym floor.

Location: Gym


9:30 AM Rabon K/2

9:46 AM Chavis K/1

10:02 AM Rich 1/1

10:18 AM Whitley 1/1

10:34 AM Bandi 1/2

10:50 AM Stepnoski 2/1

11:06 AM McKearney 3/1

11:22 AM Sigmon 3/2

11:38 AM Potter 4/1

11:54 AM McNeeley 2+3/1

12:10 PM Lamanna 2/2

12:26 PM Woronka 5/1

12:42 PM Larson 4/2

12:58 PM Last Call

The make-up dates for Fall pictures are Tuesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 15. Only the stage area will be utilized on those dates.


Please Walk Your Child Into the Building

If your child is:

  • In the Before School Program
  • In the Morning Art Club or the Morning Chorus and NOT in the Before School Program
  • Delivered to school at 9:15 or after

Parents MUST walk their child into the school and sign them in as the doors are locked. We cannot take a chance that students will safely arrive to each respective area. The Before School Program or Office staff will buzz you in for each scenario.


State Fair Support for Schools and Discounts Available

The North Carolina State Fair is running a promotion for WCPSS schools to earn up to $2 per ticket sold online. When you order your tickets online go to the Deals and Discounts section of the State Fair's main page. Be sure to enter our school code (531). What a great way for our school to earn some extra funds.


Mark Your Calendar

Monday, October 2
  • Welcome Back to Track 1
  • 3:00 3rd Grade Explorers Meeting in Mrs. Shipley's Room

Wednesday, October 4

  • Author Stacy McAnulty- there will be two assemblies for tracks 1 and 3 for all grades (9:30-10:15 K-2 and 10:15-11:00 3-5 TBD) in the GYM. *** This will not include tracks 2 and 4 as first reported.

Thursday, October 5

  • Fall Pictures, Tracks 1 & 2

Friday, October 6

  • Report Cards (Tracks 1,2,3) go home.