Gatorade- Truth or Myth?

Shianne Lindsay

If sports drinks are designed to enhance an athletes performance, then drinking a sports drink throughout athletic activity will improve the performance.

IV- Drinking gatorade

DV- Performance during working out (energy level and hydration)


~ Amount of sleep

~ Morning workout

~ Diet

~ same afternoon workout (time and activity)


6.5 hours of sleep

morning workout

Same diet

Same afternoon activity/activity length.

staying well hydrated

Water the first day, gatorade the second day


Day one- water

hydrated, normal performance.

Day two- gatorade

dehydrated, slightly more sluggish performance.

Things that might influence:

Different foods eaten throughout the day

different activities during practice.

Why did the results come out the way they did?

What I think:

Sugar in the gatorade

Scientific research:

Body tissue absorbs what it can (electrolytes, protein, carbs) "floats around"

artificial sugars, over power blood stream, formaldehyde

truth or hoax?

HOAX!! unless activity is for 6 or more hours or did not eat.

water overall was better in my situation