Student Orgs Bulletin

A weekly rundown of announcements and reminders.

February 12-18, 2017

I publish these bulletins each week to keep all student org leaders and advisors updated on STARS stuff, frequently asked questions, and other important info to help you run a successful student org. If there's a topic you think I should cover, let me know!

Need to Know

TSG Announcements

General Assembly Meetings

are underway for Spring 2017. Join TSG every Monday at 4 PM in Student Center 200C! For student organization representatives, attendance is recorded- so don't forget to sign in! To maintain Allocations eligibility you may not miss more than 3 meetings per semester. Today is the fourth meeting of the semester, so make sure you have someone attend to rep your org!

Allocations Office Hours

for the semester have been updated: Mondays 1-3 PM and 5-6 PM. Thursdays 1-5 PM in Student Center 244. You may also contact the co-chairs Kevin and Alan at for help with your Purchase Requests.

SEPTA Discount Interest Survey

Would you pay $350/year for a SEPTA Unlimited Trailpass (a 75% discount)? In order to move forward with this initiative, TSG needs to get 11,000 students to sign off saying they would pay for this program, if it were to be offered. Take the survey here.

Good to Know


Many students have expressed concerns about the number of workshops in the STARS-Inclusion category on Owl Connect Events calendar. Have no fear! We're working closely with campus partners like IDEAL and the Wellness Resource Center to add more opportunities throughout the semester. I encourage you to keep checking the calendar regularly. New this week is the Black History Month programming hosted by IDEAL.

Another workshop option for you is the STARS-Inclusion Independent Study. Read more about it on our website under "Other Workshop Opportunities."

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Nice to Know

Understanding the STARS Curriculum

The STARS Curriculum was introduced at the beginning of this year as new technology to track and submit your organization's STARS progress for approval. Here are some things you should know:

  • Each organization who wishes to participate in STARS should appoint a STARS Coordinator on your Owl Connect roster. We will enroll that person into the Curriculum. Your organization cannot have more than one STARS Coordinator. That person may only serve as STARS Coordinator for one organization (or else the data will get mixed up).
  • The STARS Coordinator is entirely responsible for submitting data into the STARS Curriculum. It does not automatically update as you attend workshops or complete other STARS challenges.
  • Think of the Curriculum as a series of forms you submit to log your progress. Some forms are simple and do not need Student Activities approval. Others are complex (they're called "Experiences" in Owl Connect) and ask for more detailed information. Sometimes they require you to upload documents. Ultimately, they will need Student Activities' approval.
  • When you'd like Student Activities to review your progress, submit a STARS Audit Request Form as per our instructions in last week's bulletin.
Click here to request a STARS audit!

Please note if your organization has not yet submitted anything to the STARS Curriculum, we will have nothing to report.

Student Org Summit- Academic, Professional, Honorary

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 4-5pm

Student Center 217B

One Blood, The Black Roots of All Humanity Feat: Dr. Aaron Smith

Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 6:30-8pm

IDEAL Lecture Hall. Across from Johnson & Hardwick Residence Hall

Workshop details.


Student Org Summit- Governance, Political/Advocacy

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 3-4pm

Student Center 223

Philanthropy Panel

Friday, Feb. 17th, 12-2pm

Alter Hall, The Eg

Workshop details.



Monday, Feb. 20th, 12-2pm

Wellness Resource Center

Workshop details.


Black Media During the Trump Era

Monday, Feb. 20th, 6:30-8pm

Student Center Underground

Workshop details.

STARS- Inclusion

STARS-Inclusion Independent Study

If you need some STARS-Inclusion workshops, read our website for more information about the STARS-Inclusion Independent Study,

Student Activities

Our vision is that all Temple University students never stop discovering. Student Activities creates and shares a passion for engagement and growth by immersing students in exciting experiences.