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Stronger Double Defense Shotgun

It is a rugged, reliable, home defense shotgun. The shotgun has a very efficient design that makes it easy and fast to reload and shoot. It comes in a 12 or 20 gauge. It has a fast single trigger design which makes it faster. It makes it more accurate because you don't get as much time to think about your shot. This shotgun is beneficial for the average person.


Hoyt Crossbow

This bow is very good in the woods. It shoots very accurately. This crossbow can shoot from 50 yards away. It is amazing! The bow comes in three different colors. It comes in black, camo, and pink camo. We have good reviews on this bow. You can also customize our arrows to shoot with the bow.

Crossbows-------$350/camo bows $299/black bows

History and Contact Information

Sadie Harshman and Jenise Stouffer got this company started with their love for hunting. Since they were little kids they were out in the woods. Both of their fathers got them started and they are thankful for being introduced to such a great thing. They wanted to make sure every hunter had a comfortable but deadly hunt, so that's how Big Buck Down was created.

Hunting Boots

Our new boots are waterproof. They come in men's and women's sizes. You can pick between multiple colors and different camo's. The color choices are black, tan and grey. The camo choices are pink camo, regular camo, and digital camo. They are very lightweight and durable, which makes you hunt comfortable but deadly.

243 Winchester Hunting Rifle

This rifle gives you an accurate shot every time. It comes in women's and men's rifle. The women's is smaller and lighter, the men's is heavier and bigger. The barrel is 24 inches long with a diameter of .243 inches. You can shoot any small predators. This rifle comes in different colors which consists of black, camo, wood brown, and pink camo.

Rifle----------$573.40/per black gun

-----------$788/per wood gun

-----------$658/per camo gun

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