The Buzz at Westbrook School

September 9, 2022

From the Principal...

Dear Westbrook Families,

Westbrook students and staff did a wonderful job practicing our safety drills this week. We thank the police and fire personnel who came to observe our lockdown and evacuation drills. Westbrook will have one more planned evacuation drill in the Spring.

The Mount Prospect Police are looking to implement a new program called “Fist Bump Friday.” On Friday, October 14th, officers will be at Westbrook during arrival at 9:10 AM and 1:10 PM to greet students with a positive fist bump as they arrive to learn. This program looks to help connect students, families, and staff with our officers and begin Friday on a fun and positive start.

The Westbrook staff are hard at work implementing a school-wide voice level system. Over the next month, students will be explicitly taught which voice level is expected in each school area. Voice levels can also be reinforced at home using this voice level chart.

We are excited to share that we have finished our benchmark testing for kindergarteners and first graders. We are grateful to all of the teachers and instructional assistants who helped with assessments, and we are so proud of all of our students for their focus and participation. The results of these assessments are for internal problem-solving. However, you will be notified if your child qualifies for a math or reading intervention.

Thank you for your support at home, and I hope you have a great weekend!

For your children,

Danielle Crandall

Safety Reminders

  • Please ensure you use the crosswalk in the parking lot to and from Westbrook.

  • Please do NOT walk between the buses. Staff members will be in front of the school each morning, reminding families to only cross at the crosswalk.

  • We kindly request you do not bring dogs or animals on school property. Many of our students are frightened of dogs.

  • Please contact the classroom teacher if you have a friend or family member picking up your child. Please communicate to the adult which door your child is dismissed from.

  • If you would like to use the Westbrook playground during the school day, please sign in at the office to receive a badge. This is an added safety measure for our teachers to identify approved visitors.

  • All visitors must ring the bell at door #1 and sign in with the office.

Upcoming Events at Westbrook School

Wednesday, September 21st - - Westbrook PTO Meeting 7pm

Monday, September 26th - - No School

Thursday, September 27th - - Picture Day (Re-takes 11/9)

Friday, September 30th - - Whole School Hot Read Assembly

Wednesday, October 5th - - Walk for Westbrook (Rain Date 10/6)

Friday, October 7th- Half-day District Institute

  • Only 1st-grade students attend from 9:20 AM to 12:20 PM

Monday, October 10th - - No School

Friday, October 14th - - Fist Bump Friday

Tuesday, October 18th - - Officer Friendly Visits AM Kindergarten

Wednesday, October 19th - - Whole School Assembly / Westbrook PTO Meeting 7 pm

Thursday, October 20th - - Officer Friendly Visits PM Kindergarten

Library News from Mrs. Capra

The Walk for WESTBROOK is coming....

Transportation Reminders

Sign up for the Bus Bulletin from First Student. This is a great way to learn of delays due to traffic, construction, weather, etc.

If you have questions regarding transportation and routing, contact First Student at (847) 635 - 9877.

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