Hate, its a Common Thing...

"I Hate Everyone Starting with me" Book Review...

The Hate is for Everyone

The book wasn't too surprising considering the author looks like she was filmed on the set of a horror movie (most likely titled "The Plastic Inside of my Face"). Considering that the book, same color as blood has hate boldly engraved on it, maybe the book is about hate? The book cover has a devil, the color of blood with an accent of a death color(red) and hate everywhere; I feel like I'd read the book already.

Spoiler Alert... wait there is none unless if you count the book cover as one because everything you need to know is right on the cover *cough* hate*cough*. Anyone can infer that I didn’t like the book so, I will say my reason; please ignore the crickets chirping in the background. The word hate is over used: “hate” (pg. 14, 15 16), pretty much every page of the book uses the word hate. This unspeakable word is so over used that by the fifth page you feel like you have completed the whole book.

5 pages later you realize that the entire book is smack talk. With random subjects that I am too young to understand, being 1/5 of the author’s age. Would I recommend the book to an older age frame? No because she makes jokes about being too old. Making fun of that is okay for her because she is 80; it just doesn’t seem like it because she has a maturity of 8. To be honest I think the age frame of 25-40 would enjoy the book a lot more because at that age tolerating hate would be a lot easier. Who knows the word hate can instantly be turned into the word love with enough skill. The only way you know the book is not about love is that the author is Joan Rivers.

Wait... now I'm the hateful one. I love Joan Rivers! As she said in the beginning in the book, "So when I say hate I don't necessarily mean hate"(pg. 1).And I never said I hate the book. This book actually changed my life from being a 15 year old to telling my fellow youth to get off of the lawn. This book made me a terrible person but then there is Joan a lovely lady who doesn't even "hate". She, being kind even dedicated this book to O.J. Simpson. 242 pages of true love by everyone's favorite "human" Joan Rivers.

About the book...

Joan Rivers Protesting Outside of Cosco
Joan Rivers HANDCUFFS Herself to Shopping Cart in Anti-Costco Protest