doTERRA tidbits

July 28, 2014

Hello Team

I love to hear from you - what's going on with your life, what your latest oil experiences are, what you're using, what you're sharing, what's going well, and what isn't. Please do let me know. Sharing with each other is a great way to expand our knowledge. My conversations this week have been about allergy protocol, removing a sliver of glass, treating a 3rd degree burn, mood management, patches of dry skin, improving concentration, and relieving symptoms of Shingles. I've also been doing some reading about managing symptoms of Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Lyme Disease, and cancer.

Two resources I want to share with you this week:

  • For those of you want to know (or share) the science behind why we recommend essential oils, check out this website:
  • Training webinars from our upline can be found here: Once you've gone through some basic training about how and why to use essential oils (using your virtual office or doTERRA University), keep learning through a resource like this one. There is a live webinar every Monday evening, and all of them are archived for you to watch at your convenience.

Keep learning, keep oiling, and keep sharing. ~Carie

(PS - Don't forget the 1st of the month is this week. Find out on Friday what the new product of the month is, and get if free when you place a 125PV order through the Loyalty Rewards Program by August 15th).