Help Save the Blue Crab!!

By Clara Swartz

Help Save Me

My scientific name is portunus trituberculatus. But you can call me the blue crab or the swimming crab. I am from around Japan, Korea and China. The closest place to you would be the Chesapeake bay.


My parents found each other during August through October.  

Here's some family pictures

I need Help

Why you should help me

Everyone in the world thinks of crab and says "ooohhhh yummy". But we are wayyy better than just snack. Last ni.ght I ate up some annoying algae and for dessert had a big juicy snail to help you guys out because if there is to much algae on the surface of water then the light can't get down here underwater and all of us will die!!!

Please consider donating to the chesepeake bay foundtion.

It will help the bay and all of us who live here!!!