Hurricane Andrew of 1992

What is a Hurricane ?

A hurricane is one of the most powerful storms there is. it is very deadly if u do not take shelter and it can cause lots of damage, such as flooding, It could destroy houses, stores, and it could produce a tornado under the right circumstances. A hurricane contains very powerful winds, lots of heavy raining.

They start out on the west coast of Africa. The warm waters of the Atlantic ocean gives them energy. the water temperature has to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Hurricanes tend to lose power though as they hit land because they are not over the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean any more.

Categorizing and Naming

Hurricanes are categorized on their wind speed, storm surges, and damage. It is a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the most powerful. It is called the saffir-simpson hurricane wind scale.

Hurricanes names were originally just girls names. But then in 1979 they changed it to boy and girl names. They make six new lists every year, each containing twenty names boy and girls. If that hurricane was destructive enough its name would be retired. But it would have to be a really powerful and deadly storm.

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew like most hurricanes started out on the west coast of Africa. Then when it moved into the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean, it became a tropical storm. Hurricane Andrew made landfall in august 22, 1992. It hit south Florida. It then became a level 4 hurricane. It caused over 25 billion worth of money in the united states. It also caused 26 deaths. Hurricane Andrew was one of the most powerful hurricanes ever. It was third on the list of all time for most landfall making it the third most deadly storm ever.


A hurricane is a very deadly storm that contains lots of rain, heavy winds, and it can cause a tornado with the right conditions. It is one of the most powerful kind of storms there is. You should take shelter if there is a hurricane or else it could be very unsafe. They start on the west coast of Africa and are given power by the warm water of the Atlantic ocean, they loose momentum as they hit land but they can last for days.

Written By: Sonny Diblasio