Ms. Graham's Frog-tastic Class

September 4, 2015

Weekly Review

I can't believe we are done with our second week of school! We are building our reading stamina so we can read longer, understand more, and increase our vocabulary. Please ask your child to give you a summary of the book they are reading during our silent reading time. Ask them to describe the characters, setting, the problem and solution! In math, we are reading and writing numbers in different ways, combining and trading coins. Thank you for continuing to practice addition and subtraction facts! Fact fluency is such an important part of our daily mental math practice. We have also begun learning about maps and why they are important.


In your child's blue folder, their homework menu will be found. Homework will be passed out on Fridays and returned the following Friday. Your child has one week to complete THREE. These are multi-leveled across all subjects. Your child must choose two boxes to complete. The middle square is a must do, typically a reading or math practice page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Thank you for your support with our class dojo. If you are not signed up, please let me know and I can add you.

Have a great three day weekend!

Ms. Graham

Third Grade

Van Alstyne Elementary

Next Week

Next week we will continue to work on comprehension strategies while reading Stone Fox. We will be predicting, identifying the main ides, summarizing, as well as building vocabulary. In math, we will continue to read and write numbers through the hundred thousands place. We will also begin our first project based learning (PBL) over citizenship in our classroom. Everything will be researched and created in class. your child will be responsible for completing a menu of items, as well as demonstrating safety through science experiments, and collaborating with others.