Annexation of Texas

We Texans are happy to be annexed

Are we ready?

One questions us Texans should be asking are we ready for anexation. We have been through a lot to get here but we are not there just yet. In all the expirences we have been through with Mexico. If we get annexed we can get attacked again but we stiil could win another battle with the help of the United states.

My point of view

Being a citizen of this state I have to say we have earned it. After all we've benn through like battles, Mexico, and our huge debt. I think being annexed with the United States will be the best thing to do for our state.

Some of our amazing Battles


Some reasons we should be annexed

If we can get annexed the United States will pay of our huge debt from the wars and battles we have been through. Another reason is we will have huge protection from Mexico because the U.S. army is stronger and more prepared then we are. I am not against annexing Texas i think we are ready.