Faculty Meeting

May 2015

What's in Store?

Welcome to the May Faculty Meeting. We appreciate the time you are taking to learn about and reflect on your role in the college’s student retention efforts. We know you have a lot to do and we are sure you will find this faculty meeting both engaging and valuable. Please read through the material presented and take some time to review the articles and videos provided throughout. As an instructor, your contributions to the college are invaluable, and we hope you discover some new strategies you can employ with your students to make your connections deeper and more impactful.

As a career college, Bryant & Stratton College focuses on trying to instill and develop workplace skills and talents, in our students, for successful career entry and longevity. We are looking to teach our students how to communicate in ways that meet today’s workplace expectations through varied modes of delivery.

During the past year, Bryant & Stratton College’s Mission, Vision, and Values have changed slightly. In an effort to draw attention to what drives the educational goals we have for our students, the Mission, Vision, and Values are listed below.

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Bryant & Stratton College Students

As we begin May courses, we want to remind you that our population of students is primarily made up of single parents who are 1st generation college students who either work a full-time job or have family that takes the forefront of their attention.

We are concerned with providing an education to the "academic middle," where students may lack support and the general knowledge of what is expected of them in the college environment. Thus, as we focus on teaching these students, we need to look at ways to bridge the gap between the student who begins their first semester with us, to the student who persists until graduation and is career-ready.

Please take a few moments to watch the 2 videos below for a better understanding of a Bryant & Stratton College student.

The SKiNNY on Non-Traditional Students
In My Words: Being a Non-Traditional Student